Legacy Devices

Devices with some legacy (pre-v4.0) versions of firmware can be 'associated' with domains using DDM. This adds them to the relevant clock domain, and allows them to exchange audio with devices enrolled in the same domain, which are also on the same IP subnet (legacy devices do not support audio routing between subnets).

When legacy devices are associated with a domain, they only appear in Dante Controller when you are logged into the relevant domain (unless they have been specifically revealed - see Hidden Legacy Devices below).

Note:  Dante Controller must be connected to the same subnet as a legacy device in order for it to appear in the Dante Controller interface.

Important:  When legacy devices are associated with a domain, they are not protected from unauthorized access via Dante Controller. Also, when associated, they are placed in a dedicated clock domain and thus can no longer exchange audio with unmanaged devices.

Hidden Legacy Devices

If a legacy device is moved to an unmanaged Dante network without first being de-associated, it will not appear by default in Dante Controller.

Dante Controller notifies you with a spy icon (next to the network status icons at the bottom left of the UI) if you have hidden devices on your network:

To view hidden devices in Dante Controller, select View > 'Show Hidden Devices'.

For more information about legacy devices, see the DDM user guide.