Device Info

The Device Info tab provides a network-wide overview of device configuration and operating information. For DDM networks, devices are grouped into their respective IP subnets.

The tabular view presents the following information, in columns from the left:

  • Device Name: The device name currently associated with the device
  • Model Name: The model name of the device
  • Product Version: The product version assigned by the manufacturer
  • Dante Version: The firmware version for hardware devices, or software version for Dante software applications
  • Device Lock: The lock state of the device. You can also click this field to open the device lock / unlock dialog.
  • Product Version: The product version, as defined by the manufacturer
  • Primary Address: The IP address assigned to the primary interface.
    IP addresses are currently assigned via DHCP, or automatically self-assigned. Self-assigned addresses on the primary interface will be in the 169.254.*.* range.
  • Primary Link Speed: The Ethernet link speed of the primary interface
  • Secondary Address: The IP address assigned to the secondary interface.
    Self-assigned addresses on the secondary interface will be in the 172.31.*.* range. 'N/A' indicates that the device does not support a secondary interface. 'Link down' indicates that the device supports a secondary Dante interface, but it is not currently connected.
  • Secondary Link Speed: The Ethernet link speed of the secondary interface. Other values are possible (as per Secondary Address)

Note:  A Dante interface may have a preferred link speed. Where it does, and an interface is not operating at that preferred link speed, the values in the Link Speed columns will be shown in red.

Note:  If no device information is displayed for a device, it can indicate a ConMon (Dante control and monitoring service) failure on the device. The device may need to be reset or restored.