Dante Controller supports the saving and loading of Dante network routing and device configurations, known as 'presets'. A preset file contains configuration and routing parameters for some or all of the devices in the network.

Preset files are saved as xml, and can be edited offline. They are also 'device-agnostic' - they can be shared between networks with different physical devices.

You can use presets to:

  • Backup and restore network configurations
  • Quickly switch between saved network configurations
  • Copy a Dante network configuration from a 'lab' or test network to a live or production network
  • Create network configurations for special, or periodic events, and then switch back to the standard configuration when desired

  • Quickly apply one or more configuration settings to a number of devices simultaneously - for example, setting all devices on your network to the same sample rate (global configuration)
  • Use Dante Controller as an off-line editing tool – off-line edit the saved preset configuration for reuse in new network configuration deployments

About Device Roles

Presets introduce the concept of 'device roles'. When a preset is saved, the configuration and routing for each selected device is saved into the preset as a device role, with the same name as the device from which it was created.

The role is not 'tied' to its originating device. When a preset is loaded into Dante Controller, each role can be applied to its originating device, or to another device (even if it does not support exactly the same functionality). It is a transferable set of device configuration and routing parameters.

For example:

Dave the sound engineer has gigs on Friday and Saturday night at a local venue. On Friday evening before the gig, he sets up his Dante network at the venue, and when he's happy with it, he saves the preset.

After the gig, Dave's annoying boss turns up and steals the mixing console for another job. Dave, however, has a friend with a similar console (conveniently from the same manufacturer, and with a higher channel count) which he can borrow for Saturday's gig.

The next night, Dave simply connects the new mixing console to the network, in place of the old one, and reloads his preset. The new console is now configured exactly like the old one - including all of the relevant channel names, and media subscriptions - and the network functions exactly as before, without any need for further configuration. The gig goes really well, and the band takes Dave out for dinner.

If a role is applied to a device that is different from the role's originating device - for example, a role for console model A is applied to console model B - Dante Controller will identify any issues that might arise (such as unsupported sample rates) and will display those issues so they can be addressed - or ignored, if they are not important.