Subscription Tooltips

Hovering the mouse over a subscription icon in the Routing tab displays a tooltip containing information about the subscription.

If there is no problem with the subscription, the tooltip will display the Rx channel and device name, plus the Tx channel and device name (for example, 'kick@Monitor-Console <- 01@Stagebox-2'), plus the subscription status, and for successful subscriptions, the subscription type (unicast / multicast).

Other messages are displayed if the subscription is in any other state.

Some common messages are:

  • 'Incorrect channel format: source and destination channels do not match'

    The receiver and transmitter are set to different sample rates.

  • 'Mismatched clock domains: The transmitter and receiver are not part of the same clock domain'

    One of the devices is configured with sample rate pull-up/down that does not match the other device.

  • 'Tx Scheduler failure'

    This is typically because you are trying to use sub-millisecond latency over a 100 Mbps network link (1 msec is the minimum supported latency over 100 Mbps links).

  • 'No Receive flows: receiver cannot support any more flows'

    Indicates the receiver is subscribed to too many devices (devices typically do not support the same number of flows as they do channels). See Routing Audio > Flows for more information.

  • 'No more flows (TX): transmitter cannot support any more flows'

    Indicates that too many devices are subscribed via unicast to the transmitter. See Fanout for more information.

  • 'Cannot change: Locked receiver.'

    Indicates a subscription from a locked receiver. Subscriptions from locked receivers cannot be changed.

  • 'Warning: Locked transmitter.'

    Indicates that the transmitter is locked. You cannot create new subscriptions to a locked transmitter.

  • 'Access control failure: Transmitter is locked.'

    Indicates a subscription that failed because the transmitter is locked.