Troubleshooting Switch Configuration and Cabling

Cables are the most vulnerable part of a network system. If you suspect cabling issues, check for:

  • Faulty or manually terminated cables
  • Unplugged /badly connected Ethernet cables
  • Incorrectly configured switches
  • Dante devices removed or turned off

Symptoms of switch or cabling issues

  • You cannot see (some) devices in the Dante Controller network view
  • Dante Controller shows orange “unsuccessful subscription” icons, which usually means a device that was present earlier is now missing
  • Faulty cables can lead to intermittent faults, which may be heard as dropped samples or “cracks” in the audio
  • Dante devices may appear and disappear in Dante Controller

Switch and Cabling Checklist

  • Are all the connected link/status lights on the switch lit, or flashing as expected?
  • Is the switch powered on?
  • Is the cable correctly plugged in at the switch and the PC or equipment?
  • Is the switch correctly configured?
  • Perhaps QoS or VLANs have been incorrectly set up
  • Are you using a switch from another application with an unchecked or tested configuration?
  • Consult the switch manual and check the switch configuration

Note:  Video (Dante AV) devices require at least 1Gbps ports and cables.