Viewing Domains in Dante Controller

To view enrolled devices in Dante Controller, the user must connect to the DDM server using their configured DDM credentials, and then select the appropriate domain for viewing.

Connecting to a DDM Server

To connect to a DDM server:

  1. In the Dante Controller toolbar, click the Domains button:

    The DDM User Login dialog is displayed.

  2. Click DDM Server Connection.

    The DDM Server Connection dialog is displayed:

  3. In the DDM Server Connection dialog, either:
    • Select 'Auto Discovery' to search for a DDM server automatically*, or:
    1. Select 'Manual' to provide a specific IP address or FQDN (requires DNS) and port number.
    2. Enter the DDM server IP address or FQDN.
  4. Click Use This Server.
  5. In the DDM User Login dialog, enter your username and password.

  6. Click Log In.

* Auto Discovery requires DNS if Dante Controller and the DDM server are in different IP subnets.

First-time Connections

The first time an installation of Dante Controller connects to a DDM server, a pop-up dialog is displayed:

Click Yes to connect to the DDM server, or No to cancel the connection.

This security mechanism enables you to verify that the DDM server at the specified server name / IP address is the server to which you actually intended to connect.

If the underlying DDM server at a previously used server name / IP address changes, you will see a warning pop-up, so you can cancel the connection if required.

The fingerprint is a unique ID for the DDM server, and is saved locally to your computer.

You can view known fingerprints in the ddm_hosts file at:

  • Windows:  C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Dante Controller
  • macOS:  ~/Library/Application Support/Dante Controller

You can also view the fingerprint for a DDM server instance in the Network & Security settings of the DDM user interface.

Viewing a Domain

To select a domain for viewing, select the required domain from the Domain drop-down menu in the Dante Controller main toolbar.

The domains and devices you are able to view and configure are determined by your DDM user account privileges.

The currently logged in user is displayed next to the Domain drop-down menu.

Note:  When connected to the <unmanaged> domain, Dante Controller will only display devices in the local subnet.