About User Roles

User roles determine the privileges that the user has for the domain(s) of which they are a member. Users can be assigned one of four roles, with varying levels of permissions: Site Administrator, Domain Administrator, Operator, or Guest.

To view the privileges carried by each user role, go to Roles in the main menu and select a role.

Site Administrator

Site administrators can create and manage domains and assign roles to users. Only Site Administrators can change DDM configuration.

The Site Administrator role applies across all domains managed by a DDM. Other roles are assigned to users (by a Site Administrator) on a per-domain basis. Users can have different roles for each domain.

Domain Administrator

Domain administrators can administer devices within a domain, including enrolling and upgrading devices, and routing audio within the domain.


Operators can use Dante Controller to configure audio routing on devices within a domain. They can also view domain configuration in DDM.


Guests can use Dante Controller to view audio routing on devices within a domain, but not change it. They can also view domain configuration in DDM.

Roles and Domains

Domain Roles

The Site Administrator can specifically assign a user a particular role within a domain. The role can be Domain Administrator, User, Guest, or None. A user with a role of None for a domain cannot even view that domain in Dante Controller or DDM.

Default Roles

Each user has a default role. This role applies in all domains for which that user’s role has not been explicitly specified.

For example, a user with a default role of Domain Administrator becomes a Domain Administrator in all domains. The Site Administrator could then set that user’s role to Guest for one specific domain. If a new domain is created, the user would automatically have Domain Administrator permissions for the new domain.

Note:  A Site Administrator may also assign the Site Administrator role to a user account in addition to the other roles. Domain-specific privileges are not applicable to user accounts with a default role of Site Administrator.

New users are created with a default role of None unless otherwise specified.

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