The Devices page lists all devices enrolled in or associated with each domain.

Click the  ► icon to expand a domain and view the enrolled devices.

Click a device name to see the device details.

The Devices page also allows you to:

See also: Legacy Devices

Note:  Each Dante 'node' counts as an individual device - for example, a console with 3 Dante interface cards installed will present as 3 devices in DDM.

Unmanaged Domain

The Unmanaged domain includes all devices that have been discovered on the Dante network, but are not enrolled in a specific domain.

Locked Devices

Devices that have been locked in Dante Controller are indicated by a red padlock icon next to the device name:

Enroll and unenroll operations on locked devices will only complete when the device becomes unlocked.

Cannot Enroll

If an attempt was made to enroll any devices that cannot be enrolled, those devices are listed here.

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