The Events tab provides information on significant changes and failures in the network.

Dante Controller continually monitors Dante devices and the network as a whole. It is able to watch for problematic configurations, unexpected problems and communication failures between itself and Dante network devices. Events are displayed and stored in an event log.

Events fall into one of three categories: Information, Warning and Error.

Filtering the Event List

Use the drop-down menu at the bottom left of the view to filter the events list.

  • When set to Information, all events are shown.
  • When set to Warning, only warning and error events are shown.
  • When set to Error, only error events are shown.

Clearing the Event List

To clear the event list, click the Clear button. When new events are detected that match the current filter setting, they are displayed in the event list.

If you have switched to another Network View tab, new events in the event list will also be indicated by a red Event Log LED icon in the Status Bar. Clicking the LED icon will take you straight to the Events tab and will clear the Event Log LED.

Note:  The Event Log LED icon will always remain green while the Events tab is open.

Saving the Event Log

To save the event list, click the Save button. The list is saved as a text file with file extension .log. All events in the list are saved (the filter does not apply to saved events logs).

Automatic event logging

Events are also continuously written to a log file. Each time Dante Controller is started, it creates a new log file (with a time-stamped filename, to avoid overwriting previous logs).

You can find the path to these log files under Help > About. To delete log files more than seven days old, click the Delete old Log files button.