Clocking Settings

In order to enable synchronous clocking across domains that span multiple subnets, boundary clocks must be assigned for each subnet in the domain. This can be done automatically, or manually.

The boundary clocks connect subnets via unicast PTP. A boundary clock will often (but not always) also act as the multicast clock master for its own subnet.

If all boundary clocks for a domain are removed from the network, powered down, or unenrolled from the domain, the subnet will lose its connection to other subnets, and audio between subnets may begin to glitch until a new boundary clock is assigned. The DDM dashboard will provide a notification in this event.

Note:  Clocking configuration is only required for domains that span two or more subnets.

Note:  Legacy Ultimo devices cannot function as boundary clocks / subnet masters, but Ultimo X devices can. To ascertain if a device is legacy Ultimo or Ultimo X, in Dante Controller, open the Device View > Status tab for the device, and check the Model type in the Dante Information panel. Legacy Ultimo devices are listed as 'Ultimo' or 'Ultimo4', and Ultimo X devices are listed as 'UltimoX' or 'UltimoX4'.

See also: Synchronous Clocking

Configure Automatically

Using automatic configuration, DDM will assign one device in each subnet to act as the active boundary clock, and also where possible one secondary ('passive') boundary clock, which will act as backup if the active boundary clock is disconnected, powered off or unenrolled.

Automatic configuration is applied at the point of configuration. The DDM will not independently reconfigure unicast PTP in the event of failure.

To configure clocking for a domain automatically:

  1. In Domains & Devices, select the domain.
  2. In the domain Details panel, click Clocking Settings.
  3. Click Configure Automatically.

Advanced Settings

Manual configuration allows you to selectively nominate boundary clocks for the domain. Suitable devices are those that are unlikely to be removed from the network or powered down. Where possible you should nominate two devices.

Note:  As a rule of thumb, the more powerful Dante platforms provide slightly better clocks - for example, a Brooklyn II based device should be preferred over an Ultimo based device.

To configure clocking for a domain manually:

  1. In the Domains page, select the relevant domain.
  2. In the Domain Details panel, click Clocking Settings.
  3. Click Advanced Settings.
  4. For each subnet, enable one or two devices to act as boundary clocks.
  5. Click Hide Advanced Settings.

Note:  It is common for devices to share the roles of subnet master and unicast clocking (boundary clock). See Synchronous Clocking for more information.

Shared Audio

Clocking settings can cover multiple domains if you have configured audio sharing between domains.

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