Enrolling Devices in Domains

Devices can be enrolled in only one domain at a time.

When a device is enrolled in a domain, it can be viewed and configured in Dante Controller only by DDM users that are members of the domain, and it can support label-based routing across subnets.

The device’s domain credentials are stored locally on the device (as well as in the DDM database) and it will automatically rejoin its domain if it is rebooted.

Note:  AES67 mode and sample rate pull-up/down are not supported for enrolled devices - these settings will be automatically cleared when a device is enrolled.

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Enrolling Discovered (Unmanaged) Devices

DDM places all automatically-discovered devices that support DDM in the ‘Unmanaged’ pseudo-domain.

To view Unmanaged devices, go to Devices in the main menu and expand the Unmanaged domain.

To enroll unmanaged devices:

  1. Click the device name(s) for the device(s) you want to enroll. Use Ctrl + click or Shift + click to select multiple devices.
  2. If only one device is selected, click the Enroll button in the ‘Domain Enrollment’ section of the Device Details panel. If multiple devices are selected, click Enroll Devices in the right-hand panel.
  3. In the ‘Enroll Devices’ panel, select the target domain.
  4. Click Enroll.

You can also drag and drop devices into domains (including into the Unmanaged domain, which unenrolls the devices).

Enrolling Undiscovered Devices

Networks that span multiple subnets but do not use a DNS can directly enroll devices by IP address.

Enrollment does not assign IP addresses to devices. This must be done using static IP address assignment or DHCP.

To enroll devices that have not been discovered by DDM:

  1. Go to Devices in the main menu.
  2. Click Enroll Devices.
  3. Click Enroll By IP Address.
  4. To enter IP addresses manually:
    1. Optionally change the domain into which you want to enroll the devices.
    2. Select the ‘Enter manually’ radio button.
    3. Paste / type in the relevant IP addresses (one per line).
    4. Click Enroll.
  5. To upload a CSV file of IP addresses:
    1. Prepare a CVS file containing only a comma-separated list of IP addresses.
    2. Optionally change the domain into which you want to enroll the devices.
    3. Select the ‘Import from CSV file’ radio button.
    4. Drag and drop the CSV file into the drop zone, or click browse and navigate to the CVS file.
    5. Click Enroll.

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Unenrolling Devices

To unenroll devices that are already in a domain:

  1. Go to Devices in the main menu.
  2. Expand the relevant domain.
  3. Click the device name(s) for the device(s) you want to unenroll.
  4. Click Unenroll in the Domain Enrollment panel.

You can also:

  • Drag and drop enrolled devices into the Unmanaged domain to unenroll them
  • Unenroll devices from the Domains page

Resetting Devices Using Dante Controller

If you have removed a device from the network without first unenrolling it, you need to clear its domain credentials before it can be deployed elsewhere. This can be done using Dante Controller. The device must first be isolated from the Dante network, either physically or by using a VLAN.

  1. Isolate the device from the rest of the Dante network.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the device.
  3. Wait for at least 2 minutes.
  4. Open the Device View for the device.
  5. From the Device menu, select Clear Domain Credentials.
How to Isolate a Device from the Rest of the Dante Network

There are 3 ways to isolate a device from the rest of the network.

Option 1: Remove all other Dante devices from the Dante network

You can isolate a device by physically disconnecting all other Dante devices from the network switch, or by completely powering down all other devices, leaving on the network only the affected device and the computer running Dante Controller.

Option 2: Connect your Dante Controller computer directly to the device

Physically remove the device from the main Dante network switch, and either connect it directly to your Dante Controller computer (using a normal Ethernet cable), or connect the device and your computer to a separate network switch (to which there are no other Dante devices connected).

Option 3: Use a VLAN

Set up a Virtual Local Area Network on which there are only the locked device, and the Dante Controller computer.

Clear Configuration

When you enroll or unenroll a device, you can choose to also clear the configuration on the device.

This will reset the following configuration settings to the device defaults:

  • Device Name
  • Channel labels
  • Latency
  • Sample rate
  • Encoding
  • Subscriptions

Note:  Clear Config is not supported for legacy devices.

Device Enrollment Status

The Device Enrollment Status page is displayed when two or more devices are enrolled or unenrolled, or if there is a condition preventing the operation for any devices.

The page displays the enrollment status for the devices and any conditions preventing the operation.

Cannot Enroll

If an attempt was made to enroll any devices that cannot be enrolled (for example because they are locked, or on a legacy firmware version), a 'Cannot Enroll' menu item is displayed at the bottom of the device list on the Devices page.

The Cannot Enroll page displays all relevant device names, plus the reason that they cannot be enrolled.

Devices that cannot be enrolled remain in the Unmanaged domain, and can exchange audio with other unmanaged devices as per normal Dante operation.

Forgetting Devices

Once a device has been enrolled in a domain, DDM will continue to list it as an enrolled device until it is unenrolled, even if the device is offline or otherwise unreachable.

This may result in a device presenting as an enrolled device when it shouldn't be - for example, if the device was physically removed from the network without first being unenrolled from the domain.

Offline / unreachable devices are indicated by a red connectivity icon next to the device name:

In cases where a device is presenting as an offline enrolled device but it has actually been removed from the network, you can 'forget' the device, which removes it from the enrolled devices list.

To forget a device:

  1. Open the Device Details for the device.
  2. In the Domain Enrollment section, click 'Forget'.

In order for the device to be discoverable in another DDM network, you must first clear its domain credentials using Dante Controller (see Resetting Devices Using Dante Controller above).

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