Device View

The Device View is used to view and modify detailed information and settings for a specific device. Device view can be activated by double-clicking a device name in any of the Network View tabs (except Events), or by selecting Device View from the Device menu (Ctrl + D, or Command + D) in the Network View window. The Device View opens in a new window. Multiple device views can be open simultaneously.

Note:  macOS users: Please note that the key combinations shown below are for Windows users. When using Dante Controller on a Mac, use the 'Command' or 'Apple' key instead of the Ctrl key when following the instructions below, and substitute standard Mac key combinations where applicable – see the Dante Controller menus for details.

The name of the device being viewed is displayed in the middle of the toolbar. In the screenshot above, FOH-Console is the device being displayed in the drop-down list box.

The device viewed can be changed by selecting another device from the drop-down list.

Multiple Device View windows may be opened from the Network View, so that several devices can be examined simultaneously.

The Device View displays some or all of the following tabs, allowing you to see different information relating to a specific Dante device:

  • Receive: Display and configure device’s receive (Rx) channels
  • Transmit: Display and configure device’s transmit (Tx) channels including multicast
  • Status: Device software, clock and network status information
  • Latency: View latency histograms (supported devices only)
  • Device Config: Rename device, change sample rate and set other attributes (as relevant to device type)
  • Network Config: View and edit network configuration
  • Issues: Displays information for devices in failsafe mode, or upgrade mode (upgrade mode is used by ‘Ultimo’ low channel count devices only). Not usually visible.
  • Baseboard: Only available when the Dante device is mounted on a Dante PDK audio baseboard (NOTE: the device must be in SPI master mode)

There are also dedicated configuration tabs displayed only for specific devices.

Device View Menu bar

The menu bar in the Device View contains the following menus:


  • Close Window




  • About: Shows Dante Controller version and current log file
  • License: Displays the license text
  • Online Help: Opens this HTML user guide on the Audinate web server (requires an Internet connection)
  • Offline Help: Opens a locally-stored PDF of this user guide (may not be the latest version of the user guide)

Device View Toolbar

The Device View toolbar contains the following buttons:

Refresh Re-load routing and configuration information for the current device.
Web Config Some Dante devices can be configured via a web interface. This button opens a web browser window which can be used to perform functions such as firmware upgrades. This feature is not supported on all Dante devices.
Identify Identify the current device by, for example, causing its LEDs to flash. Note that this feature is not supported on all Dante devices.
Multicast Configure multicast transmit flows on the current device.
Channel Groups Activate / deactivate Channel Groups.
Device Lock Lock / unlock the device.

The toolbar also provides a drop down list of all available devices on the network, which allows you to switch the Device View to a different device.